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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the shooter was anti-trump. his social media postings reflected his growing anger, which mirrors some of the divisions that have plagued our nation since the election. police say james hodgkinson, his anger erupted in violence aimed at republicans. good afternoon i'm wendy rieger. jim handly is in alexandria at that ballpark where we start our coverage. >> reporter: you and i know that this del ray section of alexandria is a quiet, very close-knit community. a sought after neighborhood. everybody knows your name in this neighborhood. popular coffee shops, bars, restaurants too. people congregated and sit on their porches and backyard decks. they know each other. they know nothing like what they saw and heard today. we have video that we've obtained from a man that was just out walking his dog this morning. picked up his cell phone and he shot the video of allth
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it is tough to watch at times, but here it is. listen and watch closely. [ gunfire ] [ gunfire ] >> reporter: as you can see parts of it are disturbing, people ducking for
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air. this video goes on for six minutes. silent at times, very loud at others. right now we are waiting on an update from investigators expected sometime in the next half hour. two of the victims you should know remain in critical condition. now let's go back to the beginning. police got the call this morning, 7:09. three minutes later first responders are on the scene. four people were wounded in this attack. the gunman james hodgkinson, shot and killed. at this point sources tell us there are no ties to terrorism. >> i hit the dirt behind that blue plastic along with two or three other people who were there. all this is going on the gunfire is nonstop. >> dozens if not hundreds of shots fired. >> scalise's security detail and capitol hill police immediately began
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that the shooter was down and i ran out to see to put pressure on the wound. >> reporter: and we're back live in del ray. fbi technicians still at that third base dugout where the gunman opened fire right behind it through a fence this morning again shortly after 7:00. we have a team of reporters covering this story from every angle. we begin with our northern virginia bureau chief julie. >> reporter: we're up the street. you can see this bank of microphones here. that is where we're expecting to get an updated briefing in the next 30 minutes. because members of congress were wounded in this attack, the fbi has taken over the investigation. law enforcement officials so far not willing to comment on a
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we've talked to about this, well they think it was a very targeted act of violence. a peace of morning scene shattered by violence and gunfire, bullets aimed at members of congress and their teammates playing baseball. other bullets flying in the neighboring ymca. david thomas just left the jim when the violence erupted. spoeted the gunman firing from behind a baseball dugout. >> i can see it. he was pacing back and forth like get out of here and it was just -- he was just shooting. he walked right into the dug out and shoot and walk to the other side of the dug out and start shooting again. >> reporter: next door to the ymca, this woman saw another witness come running down the street fleeing the gunfire. he told her what he just seen. >> he said the shooter was hiding between the shed and the dug out up at the field and he had a rifle and the rifle he was at first shooting in the air and then
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randomly 360. >> reporter: return fire came right away from the capitol police officers on duty at the field to provide security for the congressman. alexandria police on the scene in just minutes. they also fired on the gunman, james hodgkinson. >> the officers were received fire from a suspect and they returned fire and that impart of the investigation is ongoing. >> this man was working out inside the y. >> he was crouched behind a wooden structure, exchanging fire with what i believe to be police officers who were hiding behind a black suv. >> reporter: witnesses and neighbors all reaching the same conclusion, they believe this was a targeted attack aimed at this nation's political leaders. and a thought from one of the eyewitnesses i spoke to today, he called 911 after he saw this unfold and ducked for cover. this wasn't an attack on
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members of congress. he believes it was an attack on america. again, we'll be standing by for this updated briefing at 5:30 and bring it to you live. back to you in the studio. >> all right. who was that gunman, james hodgkinson? well, he lived in illinois but he had apparently been spending a good deal of time in our area and doing it recently. this evening we're hearing from people who had seen him around del ray. our team coverage continues with news4 pat collins to tell us about that part of the story. pat? >> reporter: again, i'm here in the backyard of a friend in del ray, very close to the crime scene. now, we know that this guy is been in alexandria for weeks drinking in bars in del ray, hanging out at the y, but where's he been sleeping? well, let's take a look over there. you're going to see an armored car and nex
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the suspect's van. inside that van some important clues found there. just moments ago, the feds searched the suspect's van. it's parked in the ymca lot here in alexandria. they pulled out a number of items including a mattress. he may have been living out of this van for some time. james hodgkinson, he's been here for about two months. they say he would go to the y just about every day. steven bryn wall is a regular at the y. he noticed hodgkinson but there was something unusual about him. >> when i look at him every single time he would never look back at him. either looking at his computer, laptop or just a far off stare like he was daydreaming. >> reporter: james hodgkinson, he6
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killed by police when he ambushed some congressmen on a baseball field here this morning. hodgkinson is from bellville, illinois but it appears he's been in alexandria for some time. drinking at bars in del ray and hanging out at the y. former mayor bill yule remembers seeing him here on a daily basis. >> i would just characterize him as rational, a loner. really only spoke to me pleasantries every morning and never -- i never saw him actually have exchanges with any of the other members like he did with me and with the manager behind the desk. >> reporter: on facebook, hodgkinson had some strong and sometimes vulgar political thoughts. i want to say, mr. president, you're an expletive. you're the biggest expletive we've ever had in the oval office. now back in bellville, illinois, hodgkinson ran a home inspection business. but he let his
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expire. police say they were concerned about the way he was shooting his gun outside. back here in del ray i want you to take a look at the intensity of the investigation here. the mobile command centers, huge trucks, the feds, the fbi, atf, police officers from a number of jurisdictions. by the time this is all over, they're going to know just about everything there is to know about james hodgkinson. jim, back to you. and you have learned an awful lot in short order. we know a lot more about this gunman today this evening. pat collins thanks so much. you were talking about the van, i can eyeball it from where i'm standing right now. you should know about 25, 30 yards from there, you can see fbi technicians, they are casing the areaig
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base. it's through that fence where the gunman opened fire this morning about 7:00. we want to give you the latest now on the fourth shooting victims. here's what we know about them and their conditions too. first, med star hospital center tells us that congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition after having surgery earlier today. he was hit by gunfire in his hip. a family friend of congressional aid dakry bart says he's out of the hospital after being shot in the calf and special agent crystal grinder is in good condition. she was shot in the ankle. the other capitol hill officers special agent david bailey is out of the hospital this evening. a family friend for tyson food lobbyist, matt mika describes his condition as very serious at this hour. they say he was shot twice in the chest this morning. news4 chris gordon joins us live about what we know about matt
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mika. chris? >> reporter: matt mika is fighting for his life tonight after undergoing a very serious surgery. he's a former congressional staffer and just a short time ago at the u.s. capitol we spoke with his former boss, congressman timothy wahlberg of michigan. he gave us an update on mika's condition. >> he's still got a fight. and we're just praying that things turn out will well. i think he's been given wonderful medical care. it was a very significant injury that he received. >> reporter: matt mika's passion was baseball. he worked out with the republican congressional baseball team as a volunteer. he had played in college. mika is a lobbyist with tyson foods, washington, d.c. office located on pennsylvania avenue just blocks from the u.s. capitol. his company issued a statement saying, matt has worked for tyson foods for
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years and we are deeply concerned about him and his family. mika moved to this recently renovated condo building in northeast washington just a few months ago. neighbors say they haven't known him long but they say he seems like a terrific guy. >> he's new to this community -- our building. he seems to pitch in right away. the first time i met him he was in the front garden. we pitch in and help out and do things on our own here and talked to him briefly. introduced myself. welcomed him. i saw him friday night. i was out barbecuing. i didn't know what he did for a living until you came and told me he was injured. he's very quiet. >> it's very sad to hear that somebody you live next door to would be shot. i mean, it's startling, it's sad. there's no words really to describe it. >> reporter: matt mika's former boss, congressman wahlberg says he is in my prayers. that's the latest live from along pennsylvania avenue, wendy
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>> thank you. this shooting happened in what has become a highly politicized charge atmosphere. althe partisanship across pennsylvania avenue. house speaker paul ryan addressed that today calling this afternoon for a united front. >> we are united in our shock, we are united in our anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. at times you are emotions can clearly get the best of us. we're all imperfect. but we do not shed our humanity when we enter our chamber. for all the noise and fury we are one family. we also heard this afternoon from senator bernie sanders who learned that the suspected gunman had been a volunteer on his presidential campaign. sanders said he felt sickened and he c
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>> real change can only come about through nonviolent action and anything else runs counter to our most deeply held american values. former arizona congresswoman gaby gifford can be. she tweeted about this attack. my heart is with my former colleagues. their families and staff and the u.s. capitol police calling them public servants and heros today and every day. >> we have seen reaction from the political spectrum, everyone from the president and both sides of the aisles. we are staying on top of this story still ahead. the capitol police officers who are being called heros for their action and the reaction to the shooting, in virginia's race for governor.
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>> we're talking more heat across the area today. we hit 91 so the heat wave extended one more day but it won't be here tomorrow. i'm tracking a few showers and
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>> lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gun shot wounds during a very, very brutal assault. >> reporter: the president praising those two capitol police officers today armed with simple hand guns. they took off a man with a high powered rifle killing him here at this ballpark today. a very active crime scene. we want to know
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those injuries are. let's turn to shomari stone. he's live at headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: those two capitol police officers are in good condition. they saved many lives. let's roll some video right now. u.s. capitol police officers david bailey and crystal greiner were hurt in the shooting. they were on a security detail for congressman steve scalise. senator rand paul said had they not been there it would have been a massacre. bailey has been a capitol police officer for over nine years. they're saying he received a minor injury but he was not shot. he was treated and released from a hospital. crystal greiner is still being treated. the gunman shot her in the ankle. she's been with the department for at least ten years. both officers are responsible for protecting members of congress. now, the capitol police board, moments ago released a written statement saying they commend the agents at the scene and
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immediate and decisive actions in protecting both members and staff and preventing further injury. back out here live, u.s. capitol police also thanked the atf, the fbi, alexandria police and other law enforcement agencies for their response. live here in front of u.s. capitol headquarters i'm shomari stone. >> thank you. even before today's shooting members of congress had expressed concern about their safety and the safety of their staff. the news4 i-team revealed last night that security upgrades were in the works and now as scott macfarlane reports, far more could be considered. >> the i-team received a tip in mid-may that members of congress were asking house officials for help better protecting themselves and their staff against potential threats back home when their outside the protective bubble of the u.s. capitol building. sergeant of arms requested a 2 million budget increase to add more secure equipment off the ground
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and video surveillance. in fact, today the u.s. capitol police chief was supposed to appear before a senate panel to ask for an 8% increase in his budget too to add more officers, both on and off the grounds. that hearing was cancelled because of the shooting. if you listen closely to this committee meeting last month, the capitol police chief explained why he wanted more officers to stop threatening people off-site before they got close to congress. >> we want to keep the bad guy away and we want to have a -- keeping the threat outside and having the ability to more easily lockdown -- to engage the threat outside or in the street or on a border street prefera y preferably. >> today u.s. house members told the i-team this is a growing concern. the congressional leaders must address. >> ever growing concern for the safety of
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off the hill and back in my district whether or not the protocols that ought to be in place are in place to ensure their safety and that's something i brought to the attention of the speaker. i don't have a federal facility in my district. >> we are asking the congressional committees that have oversight of capitol police what changes they're planning to discuss. we'll keep you posted. >> i'm sure there's going to be an interesting discussion. we have more coverage coming up after this very quick break. we will be back. >> it was boom, boom, boom. but not that rhythmical. there was a gap and all bunch after that and people came pouring out of the park and said run the other way. >> we disbursed out of the dug out. many of us did. i did. went behind other cover and then eventually moved across the street behind covers and cars, then there was -- somebody said
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the three h's for sure across the area today, hazy, hot and humid. just take a look out of our tower camera. looking up toward the north. the haze definitely there and the heat is here too, 88 degrees right now. winds out of the east at 12 miles per hour. 88 d.c. 90 ma nas asand leesburg. look at the heat index. 94 in
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the dew point will start to come down and it will feel more comfortable tomorrow but rather uncomfortable right now. tracking a few storms. most of them south and west of the district. slightly moving in toward shenandoah county. heads up toward the shenandoah valley. and then these storms down to the south popping up along the boundary. these right along i-95 from quantico, fredericksburg and down i-95, very heavy storms just south of fredericksburg and these are building to the north. watch out along that boundary. now, you can see all of the storms down to our south and off to the west. that is perfect. that's what we expect with a northeasterly flow. that's what we'll have for most of the day tomorrow. you can see what happens with that. more cloud cover in across our area the day tomorrow. high temperature, a little bit cooler. 85 degrees. still in the warm side. lower humidity with plenty of clouds, a
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they will stay for the west. as we move on through the next ten days, 84 on your friday. good chance of afternoon storms, saturday and sunday. the heat and humidity return. father's day is the warmest day at 93 degrees. we have a live picture from alexandria. waiting to hear from the police for the latest update on the shooting today. we will go to that live as it happens and we also have a live report also from the hospital as we wait to hear more on the condition of congressman [000:27:32;00] vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5:00. and right now at 5:30 we are awaiting an update any moment from the fbi to learn more about the shooting this morning.
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dozens of shots from an assault rifle hitting -- wounding four people including a congressman. two of those victims remain in critical condition. the gunman is dead. you're watching a special split ediction of news4 at 5:00. jim? >> reporter: you mentioned the gunfire. a very active crime scene spread out over four to five acres. we've got fbi technicians casing for some of the casings full, walking around the outfield. we want to give you a bird's-eye view from above this ballpark. shortly after 7:00 that gunman, that gunman was opening fire behind third base. that third base dugout through a fence. there is a metal container there adjacent to the parking lot where he parked his van. now investigators tell us that
5:32 pm
van may have been used for as part of maybe a living he kept his clothes there, he kept food there. they removed a mattress a short time ago. to give you an idea about what happened shortly after 7:00, there were many members of congress on the field and one who was hit in the hip. scalise, congressman scalise crawled from second base to the outfield screaming for help with his injury. a lot of other people on the field. there's a plane from national airport goes overhead. a lot of other people scramble into the first base dugout for safety. they also went to duck behind cars in that same parking lot where the suspect parked his van early this morning. here's what we know, the very latest. four people in all wounded in this attack. witnesses say involved dozens of shots, perhaps as many as 60. among the victims, house majority whip, congressman scalise. i think we want to go to a news conference right now so let's listen in and see what officials
5:33 pm
are saying now. >> good afternoon. hello. again my name is i'm the special agent in charge of the fbi's washington field office and i'm here to provide an investigative update on the shooting that occurs this morning. i would like to thank the alexandria police department, u.s. capitol police and medical response teams who responded to the scene this morning for their quick and decisive actions. actually saving lives. i remind you that this is an active investigation and details continue to unfold. i stress this earlier and i'm going to underscore it now. that the fbi is not going to talk about the character or nature in which we are investigating this case, other than to say we continue to work this as an active investigation
5:34 pm
and an ongoing matter. thha about the injuries involved. our statements sent out early today, this afternoon actually, identify the number of victims and their injuries. let me just review that quickly for you. five individuals were shot, a congressman, a united states capitol police officer, a congressional staffer, a lobbyist and the subject. an additional two individuals, a congressman and a capitol police officer attained secondary injuries at the scene and were transported to local hospitals and treated. as for the subject, and this is the only time that i'll be referring to him by his name. this afternoon we released a
5:35 pm
statement noting that the hodgkinson, 66 years of age of belleville, illinois. he suck coupled to his injuries at the hospital and the d.c. medical examiner has issued the cause of death as multiple gun shot wounds to the tor sow. the fbi has issued a seeking information poster, identifying the shooter and it can be found at www while the subject is deceased we continue to actively investigate the shooter's motives, acquaintances and whereabouts that led to today's incident. we will continue to have presence as we process a scene here in alexandria and fbi agents are searching the
5:36 pm
shooter's home, his residence is belleville, illinois. located on scene and has been swept by alexandria pd and the atf and we will be processing with our fbi evidence recovery team as well. obviously we are looking to glean what we can from the contents regarding his electrical devices that he owned. law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been in alexandria, virginia, area since march of this year. the fbi has issued again seeking information poster that is located on our website asking the public to come forward with information on the shooter. to the local alexandria community, we believe that the shooter has been living out of his vehicle in the vicinity of eastman road street therefore
5:37 pm
asking you to report any had with him. like-wise, the subject traveled from his residence in illinois and we are asking and speaking with individuals who know him personally or who have may have encountered him on his travels. if you have information, please call the fbi 24 hour tipline at 1800 call fbi and select option one or visit tips so 24 hour tip line at 1-800-call-fbi or visit tips all tips will remain confidential. no amount of information is too small to report. law enforcement will remain on scene until processing of the scene has been completed. we ask the local community for your patience and your cooperation as we complete this
5:38 pm
task. further via written statements unless law enforcement collectively stand behind me advises otherwise. i'll open it up for a few questions in just a second, but i want to turn it over to the chief from alexandria for a couple comments. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. it's mike brown, of the alexandria police department. i just wante to get back and give a status as to what we're doing in this community to try and reassure the community in terms of the safety and the security of our residents. right now we are canvassing the immediate area out here doing door to door with our colleagues from the sheriff's department and the fire department so that we can reassure people in the community that we believe this incident today is over, although the investigation will continue in this area for a while. we are also working with some of our other departments in the city, for example, the department of community and health services to make services
5:39 pm
th these kinds of situation available to our community over the next couple of days. we care very much about our residents and the people that come to visit us in this city and we're doing everything we can to reassure them that this is a safe community and that your government and your public safety personnel care deeply about it. that said, you'll see a lot of law enforcement, fire personnel working this area trying to reassure them of such. so i thank you for that and as a part of the department, we will continue to work with the fbi as they move forward on their investigation. thank you very much. >> did he have a vendetta against republicans? >> i have no comment on that. >> do you know whose shots brought him down? >> it was a multiple local law enforcement response so i do not know at this time. >> was it both the capitol police and the alexandria who responded and shot at him? >> i'm not going to comment on
5:40 pm
exactly who >> can you give us an idea of what you're trying to run downtown weapon? >> the only comment i'll make about weapons is one handgun and one rifle. >> what are you trying to learn about them? >> where they came from, who bought them, how he acquired them, all the logical investigative questions. >> was it shortly after that that he came here because you say he's been here since march? >> we believe he has been here since march, so i'm not going to comment on the specifics of that. >> ma'am? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'm not exactly sure on that ma'am, i don't have a comment on that. >> sir? >> is there anything you can say about what he was doing in these couple months that may help jog people's recollections? >> no, that's what we're really
5:41 pm
asking the public to help us wi >> i'm not going to comment on that. it's part of the active investigation. >> [ inaudible ]. >> so i'm not going to comment on that either. so really we're exploring all angles and we'll not be limited with -- we'll let the facts take us what they will. >> was he still handcuffed or talking when he was taken away? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> do we know if he was working in the area? >> it appears he was not working. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'm not going to comment on the victims. what i have about the victims is what i've already provided. >> can you tell us -- [ inaudible ]. >> do we know? i believe -- i'm not sure about that. i'll get back with you on that.
5:42 pm
>> sir? >> >> so the only comment i'll make is the white cargo van. >> can the capitol police talk to us about their officers and particularly those who were injured and returned fire? >> hello, deputy chief fred rodgers for u.s. capitol police representing the chief. we did put a statement out today and the chief wants to commend special agent crystal greiner, david bailey and henry cabrera for the hee owics and appropriate response to protecting members of congress today. he's grateful for special agent greiner whose in good condition at the hospital having been shot in the ankle. special agent bailey was treated and released having sustained ape minor injury during the incident. united states capitol police is dedicated to the mission of protecting the united states capitol, members of congress and staff and the visiting public and today we saw how our officers extensive training was put into action. we also like to thank our
5:43 pm
partner agencies, the fbi, u.s. park police, virginia state police and especially the alexandria police for their work in helping us to respond and mitigate this incident. we continue to provide the robust and visible presence and the to monitor national and world events to provide a level of security that's appropriate for the u.s. congress. >> can you describe officer greiner's response after being shot and continuing to work to get the suspect? >> that's part of the ongoing investigation and i won't comment on it. >> the agents who were with congressman scalise, give us a sense is that a protective detail? what's their mission? how does that work? >> their particular assignment today was to protect the congressman. >> was he the only one that had protective detail? >> [ inaudible ]. >> there's video and there's audio recordings of the gunfire
5:44 pm
and the gun battle and it -- would appear to have been fer owe shus by a layman's count dozens and dozens of shots fire. can you describe what your officers and what the capitol officers were facing when they came in? >> i won't go into the specifics of the investigation but i've heard the video and i've talked to my officers at least and or some of them and quite frankly it was not only chaotic but it was a combat situation and that's something that law enforcement is trained to do. our officers are trained to do. i'm very proud of the officers and the officers from the capitol police who stood their ground and did their job. more will come out of this when the facts are known and the investigation's complete, but i couldn't be more proud of the alexandria police officers. >> they were upagainst somebody with an semi-automatic weapon and they were. that is a news conference with the alexandria police, the capitol police giving us an
5:45 pm
update. the thing that jumps out at saying that the suspect the suspected gunman, james hodgkinson, had been in the alexandria area since march living out of his white cargo van and they are asking anyone who came in contact with him around that area or anyone who might have seen him as he traveled from his home in belleville, illinois to alexandria to please contact them. more on this now. let's tell you more about congressman steve scalise. he is the third highest ranking house republican. therefore he has round the clock capitol police details following him as we have reported all day today and as they just alluded too. a lot of people are very thank of that his police detail was at the park when the shooting happened this morning. scalise has been in congress since 2008. he represents the louisiana
5:46 pm
district that includes neighborhoods in and around new jennifer. adam tuss with more. >> reporter: representative steve scalise still in critical condition here at med star hospital center. i want to give you an idea of how the flight operations work here. the helicopters come and go all over this complex. psych that they're on all sorts of buildings here and helly pads all over this complex, when they land you go straight into the med star unit right there. the representative was shot in the hip potentially he may have lost a lot of blood and that's why he was in critical condition and remains in critical condition after surgery. you see the ambulances lined up here outside of the emergency room. now all day today there's been a heavy police presence here at med star. we have seen d.c. police, capitol police, we've seen alexandria police here at med star. people have been coming and going all day. there was one other person who was brought here to meld star.
5:47 pm
that person said to be in good identity of that person. we'll have more details as they become available to you tonight. back to you. >> reporter: and we're back live here in the del ray section of alexandria. members of congress are recounting those moments when that gunfire erupted shortly after 7:00 this morning. many ducked for cover behind the dugout. the first base dugout. the gunman was behind the third base dugout. they ran to shelter behind cars in the parking lot that same parking lot where the gunman's van has been actually gone over by police all afternoon. they removed a lot of items from it. texas congressman joe barton had his two young sons with him when the shooting began. here's what he had to say this evening. >> i was behind the dugout. my son jack got under an suv and he was very brave. my other son brad was in the
5:48 pm
batting cage and heo very brave. so the heros are the capitol hill police, alexandria police and steve scalise's security detail. >> reporter: concern and worry as you might imagine among colleagues on capitol hill. our tom sherwood is gathering the reaction from there on the house side and he joins us live. tom? >> reporter: jim, for all its conflict up here, capitol hill is kind of a family and today the family reacted. capitol hill security barriers a daily fact of life but this day heavily armed police also on high alert in the wake of the alexandria shooting attack. many members of congress like normal were out talking with visiting constituents while official congressional business was suspended, capitol hill buildings were opened to tourists and visitors.
5:49 pm
maryland violent incidents are all too mon anywhere. >> tragic any time we have a violent incident of this type, once again a message that all are vulnerable in a time when violence is far too prevalent. >> reporter: iowa republican steve king also was hosting visitors. >> we have work to do for the american people. we'll do the appropriate things. we'll keep him in our prayers. >> it is a reminder to all of us that capitol police protect us day in and day out. this would have been far worse had capitol police not been there. >> reporter: the crowds of tourists were fully aware of what was happening a few miles away in alexandria. >> we all know social media and smartphones have really got the word around super fast so they're all questioned. they were nervous at times about coming out.
5:50 pm
we'llol safe. they're still excited to meet with the congressman. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00. we'll have more tourist up here. they had some very interesting reactions to the shooting in alexandria. i'm tom sherwood on capitol hill, back to you. >> we did have an election in virginia last night a primary and the two men hoping to be the next governor decided to put politics aside in the light of this attack. david culver caught up with them to discuss their security concerns. david? >> reporter: i asked republican nominee ed gillespie about those concerns, he didn't feel threatened but he did add that he and other candidates would be foolish not to be aware of their surroundings. a fairfax county police cruiser sits outside what was supposed to be a rally for virginia's newly minted republican nominee for governor. >> it was clear when we landed that we weren't going to have a rally here.
5:51 pm
we were going to come together our country. >> reporter: he and the republican ticket putting aside politics in light of the shooting. >> we'll have disagreements. that's the nature of politics and free will. but there are certain things that we need to come together around and this is one of those days. >> reporter: likewise putting campaigning on hold, the democrats. we caught up with their nominee for governor, raffle northam. >> it's one more tragedy we've witnessed today. to promote this responsible gun ownership and keep these tragedies from happening. >> reporter: you've decided to stop campaigning today. how do you bring unity and healing? >> just being out there and letting people know we care. >> reporter: a very different answer from republican corey stewart. his primary loss was far closer than expected. >> i'm into fighting back because we have to make it very clear, to the left wing of this
5:52 pm
country, that we're not going to to they're insinuations of committing violence against republicans has to end. they need to tell their supporters to knock it off and to stop attacking conservatives. >> reporter: corey stewart right there a change from his rhetoric last night. stewart acknowledging gillespie of the primary. there's a lot more to go in the studio. >> thank you.
5:53 pm
a lot more to come. coming right back. creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping
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power the companies that power our economy. take a look at the high temperatures we saw across the area today. 91 degrees. that was the hot so yes we continue that heat wave four days now. 90 degrees or higher. current temperature up to 88 degrees now. actually now down to 86. winds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. that easterly flow will keep us
5:55 pm
cooler to showers to the west of the blue ridge and we've got some showers and thunderstorms down around the fredericksburg area. right along i-95 just north of fredericksburg. now again, we are going to continue to see that slow move in we will see much cooler temperatures. at least it'll feel cooler. we have a high temperature tomorrow of about 85 degrees. lower humidity it'll feel more comfortable. few storms to the west and talking about west of the blue ridge. 84 on your friday 87 on saturday. the heat and humidity move back on saturday and sunday with just a few scattered showers and sunday. do not cancel any plans. father's day looking hot and humid with just a slight chance of a storm. >> we're not going to run and hide.
5:56 pm
we can't let acts of vien the congressional baseball game is going on tomorrow night and it should and that was a standing ovation when that was announced. we all feel that we can't let anyone regardless of what their motive is, we can't let anyone stop us from doing our work and for standing together and continuing to move forward. and i think the game will go on despite today's attack on that group of republican lawmakers who were practicing today. this congressional baseball game, it started way back in 1909 as a way for members of both parties to come together and solidify their friendships. the event has evolved into a major, major fund raiser over the years. it has raised thousands for the boys and girls club, the washington literacy center and the washington nationals dream foundation and this will be the 108th congressional baseball game. it's going to be held tomorrow
5:57 pm
evening at nats park. >> the site of the game. how's the team reacting to go today's events? >> reporter: wendy, as you said the nationals are playing right now and it's just under 24 hours before these gates right here behind me are going to open for the congressional baseball game and the nationals put out a statement earlier on twitter today saying, quote, it has been an honor to host the congressional baseball game at nationals park for the last nine years. the bipartisan event shows baseball's power to bring people together. our thoughts and prayers are with those wounded today and their families. we look forward to hosting the 108th annual congressional baseball game at nationals park tomorrow evening and it was actually just a couple weeks ago that nationals manager dusty baker met with the managers of tomorrow's baseball game. so i asked baker, when did he learn about this incident, he said it was early this morning when some friends called him because they knew he lived in the area.
5:58 pm
>> i was aware becau calls from california because i live in alexandria. i got calls to see if i was okay. i had just gone to the capitol to have lunch with the guys that are playing baseball game tomorrow, the managers and other people. so i was very aware. it's a sad state. i don't know what the answer is. it's just sad when innocent people get hurt. >> reporter: we're live here outside of the home plate entrance and you can see the metal detectors and i learned there will be extra security for tomorrow's game. live from nationals park, sherree burruss, news4 sports. >> chaos as congressman and their staffers are ambushed at baseball practice in alexandria this morning. >> i think it's crazy. i think its sinister and like
5:59 pm
shooting fish in a it's deeply dis pushing. >> that rhetoric and hate ofness led to members of congress i believe having to dodge bullets today as a baseball practice for a game that we play for charity that raises over 600 grand for local d.c. charities. this should never happen. >> our brave capitol please performed a challenging job with incredible skill and their sacrifice makes democracy possible. >> for their quick action and through their heroic efforts and others they saved a lot of lives today. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> a gunman from illinois shot four people today during the republican team practice for tomorrow's congressional baseball game. >> and a man walking his dog captured that shooting on his phone. we're about to show you that video.
6:00 pm
some of it is a little tough to watch. [ gunfire ] [ gunfire ] and one of the victims of that gunfire, third ranking republican in the house louisiana congressman and house majority whip steve scalise. he is reportedly in critical


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